Rent or Lease a Medium Duty Truck

Valley Truck Center is the most trusted Commercial Truck Dealership in the Cleveland Area. They are not only the best at selling and servicing medium duty trucks. The staff at Valley Truck Center can help you if you need to lease or rent a truck as well. Valley Truck Center Partners with FleetOne Rental and Leasing to provide the best in truck rental and leasing options.

Rent or Lease through Valley Isuzu with FleetOne Rental and Leasing

Businesses of all sizes depend on trucks to get the job done in all lines of work. From time to time businesses need additional vehicles for a number of reasons. Because of these issues, Valley Truck Center has partnered with FleetOne Rental and Leasing to provide extensive options for both renting and leasing medium duty trucks. Whether you need an additional truck for a day, a week, or a few months; we have options to help you rent or lease a commercial truck.

Isuzu Trucks

Valley Truck Center Rentals

Valley Truck Center offers a complete fleet of commercial trucks with several sizes, classes, and applications for all industries. Whether you need a dry van for moving furniture, a refrigerated box truck for hauling perishable items, or a full over the road class 8 sleeper tractor, we have the type of vehicle to help you get the job done. We offer daily and weekly rentals and nationwide emergency service at an affordable price. Our specialists have experience helping businesses of all sizes rent trucks of all types and sizes. We realize that last minute orders, maintenance issues, or even seasonal surges can have a business scrambling to provide a product or service. Don’t lose out on business because you need an additional truck, rent a medium duty truck through Valley Truck Center. Customers will have to provide a certificate of insurance for both liability and physical damage or you can purchase our insurance extension through FleetOne Rental and Leasing.

When renting a vehicle, it is important to know the process for pickup and delivery. Each rental requires a pre and post trip inspection. This inspection is required by law. The inspection includes checks of all fluids, tire pressure, lights, horn, exhaust, radiator, the 5th wheel, the frame, and even the transmission. This inspection takes time. It is important to be aware of this process in order to meet any deadlines your business is under.

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Valley Truck Center Leasing

Valley Truck Center is a leader in Ohio for Commercial Truck Leasing. With a centralized location in Cleveland, OH; we offer the best place to find a lease on Hino and Isuzu Trucks. At Valley Truck Center we have a full-service truck leasing program through FleetOne Rental and Leasing. For some businesses, leasing a vehicle is a way to upgrade to a new vehicle periodically while lowering the overall cost to operate a medium duty truck. The monthly payment on a lease is almost always lower than the payment on a loan. At Valley Truck Center, we partner with FleetOne Rental and Leasing to offer multiple options to get you behind the wheel of a new commercial truck. Many business owners find a lease is a more cost-effective way to lower the overall cost to operate a medium duty truck.

When looking to get behind the wheel of a new or used medium duty truck, a lease can be the best option for your business based upon the specific situation of your business. Why deal with the headache of registration, routine maintenance, and unpredictable repair costs. Let Valley Truck Center focus on your truck or your fleet of vehicles and you focus on your business.

At Valley Truck Center, we are committed to excellence in all areas of our business. That commitment to excellence includes rentals and leasing. If you are in need of a truck rental or lease, call to speak with one of our experts today at (216) 524-2400.

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